The High Road Way

I want to tell you about Patricia.

Patricia is a vibrant, wonderful 88 year-old who lives alone in a great neighborhood in a nice home. I can only hope to be as healthy and active as she is when I am her age!

Last week, Patricia was getting her air conditioner unit serviced by another company. The tech informed her that the unit was out of refrigeration and likely had a leak and must be replaced. The price she was quoted for a new unit was over $5,000 plus installation. No other options or choices were given.

Luckily, her nephew is a High Road client and questioned the findings. He suggested she contact us and ask for a second opinion. We sent Jason to meet with Patricia and to test the Air Conditioner. When Jason hooked up his equipment to check out the system, the refrigerant level registered 100%. He showed the reading to Patricia who couldn't believe it! Jason then completed the evaluation of the equipment and made a minor repair. The AC unit started right up and cooled the house quickly!

As a female in HVAC, I have a special spot in my heart for the single women who own their own homes.

Unfortunately Patricia's story is not unique. I hear versions of this story repeated over and over and my heart breaks every time I hear of someone's aunt, grandma, mother or sister being taken advantage of by others in my chosen profession.

I often joke that I am Catholic and suffer from "Catholic Guilt." I have enough trouble sleeping at night and the last thing I need is more guilt by mistreating our clients. I believe so strongly in doing right by our customers, that I am constantly reminding the High Road team that we stand for integrity even if no other HVAC Company will. Of course we still need to stay in business, but we will always be honest in our assessments.

The first thing Jason did after meeting Patricia is call the office and blow off steam at how poorly she had been taken care of by another company. He couldn't believe that someone would knowingly lie about the status of an air conditioner and try to get a significant amount of money from her just so they could make a sales commission.

I love that High Road is more than our name,

it is our core philosophy when it comes to business. My team and I will always work to take the high road.

I hope if you have a single female in your life, whether she is retired, widowed, divorced, or just lives alone, you will confidently refer High Road to help her maintain her HVAC system. If you ever experience an issue with another company and just want a second opinion, please give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Help us spread the word and prevent others from less-ethical business practices.

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