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Why Are Professional Furnace Repair Services Important?

A properly working furnace is essential to keep our home warm and comfortable during the winters. However, if your furnace fails to function properly and efficiently and you notice a spike in your energy bills, you should consider furnace repair services in Plymouth by a qualified heating contractor.

If you are looking for professional furnace repair in Minnesota, we are here to help. With over 50 years of experience in heating Twin Cities home, we offer the best furnace repair solution at the most affordable rates.

Our teams of qualified professionals not only provide services that will help reduce the risk of problems and inefficiencies but also offer quick tune-ups or replacements before the winter's sets in. Also, while installing furnaces in your Minneapolis area's home, we work together with our customers to ensure that they find the best furnace according to the size of their home and their budget.

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Common Heater Repair Services

  • Put an end to continuous hot air blowing from furnace
  • Furnace wiring repairs
  • Adjusting or replacing furnace belt
  • Replacing broken motors, belts, and pulleys
  • Preventing furnace repair
  • Emergency services such as furnace gas leaks

Just like other equipment, a furnace will work at its best when maintained properly on an annual basis. Annual maintenance of the furnace will help avert most mechanical failures before they become a major problem and require costly repair.

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We Provide Emergency Furnace Repairs

If you wake up to a cold house on a winter day and discover your heater is not working properly, it is time for an emergency furnace repair.

Many factors can cause your furnace to malfunction. A few common furnace repairs include - replacing or adjusting the furnace belt, fixing motors, belts, broken pulleys, or stopping hot air from blowing from the furnace. In such emergency cases, Highroad Heating & Cooling is here to help.

Also, apart from providing emergency furnace repair services, we offer furnace maintenance services that can prevent the need for repairs in the future. If timely repairs are not done, you will most likely have a high repair bill awaiting you on the other side.

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Benefits of Annual Furnace Maintenance

The damages caused to the heating unit due to lack of inspection of improper maintenance may not be covered in the warranty. All furnace manufacturers recommend homeowners perform an annual inspection and routine maintenance by qualified technicians to keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently. A checkup is done once in six months or a year will ensure that your warranty remains in place. A furnace, whether a brand new one, or one which is over ten years old should be checked annually to help it perform its best.

Furnace Repair Tips

A home furnace is an appliance that is typically installed in the basement. The equipment is usually out of sight and is more likely to go unnoticed and uncared for. However, just like any other appliance in your home, the heating unit deserves some care and attention. 

To keep your furnace functioning at its best, consider some of these furnace repair tips listed in the guide below.

  • Replace Furnace Filters: A dirty or clogged filter can restrict airflow and can cause your furnace to work harder. As a result, the heat exchanger can become overheated, causing the unit to shut down. Cleaning or replacing the filter once in a month or contacting a repair professional for the job is highly recommended to help prevent the shut down of your furnace.
  • Check the Thermostat: If there is uneven heating throughout your home, it is suggested that you check the thermostat. Check the battery level of your thermostat and also ensure that the thermostat is on the right setting. While most furnace models, replacing batteries can help solve the problem, seeking professional help to diagnose the system is also recommended if the problem does not resolve with these furnace troubleshooting tips.

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